Protagonist of Italian contemporary art , versatile artist , painter , sculptor , designer , artwork restorer , collector and art consultant . 


Ettore Mangia (1964) 

Multifaceted artist from Lecce, he is a painter, sculptor, designer and restorer of artworks. He has designed large decoration projects for private and public spaces - among his clients there are also the State Police and the Finance Police - he also carries out activities as an art consultant and is a passionate collector. He received formal education studying at the Scientific High School and continuing his study at the University, faculty of  Economics. Artistically self-taught, he refined his talent and his artistic and technical knowledge with study and practice collaborating with his father, artist and talented art restorer. 


Ettore Mangia defines himself as an artist who fights for a different and more human world, fundamentally free in creating, free from academic and fashion dictates and far from currents and schools of thought. According to him, creativity is an exquisitely personal fact, as everything springs from an inventive moment, from a sudden or meditated idea, from an intuition that comes from the unconscious and from experience and, like a flash, illuminates the concept of the work: the rest, the mental and logical aspects, including concrete doing, is the necessary consequence. His art, out of the box and foreign to the usual circuits, has an approach that is now realistic, now fantastic and emotional, abstract, currently preferring the colored pencil technique. Expressed through a clean and incisive sign and a clear, intelligible and luminous language, like a light in the midst of darkness, free from interference related to cultural, pseudo-cultural and social realities, easily understandable and addressed to anyone, his style, whether apply to graphics that to painting or sculpture, is unique, absolutely personal, varied in form: a perfect representation of his emotional states, his personality, his culture which, in the clarity of his intentions, becomes universal, speaks with the heart and turns to the heart, and, not filtered by the reason, it makes the emotions of those who look at it and contemplate it vibrate directly.

The central focus of his artistic research is therefore an existential and spiritual research, which transcends physicality, to give life and representation to that unrepeatable moment, a human expression of creativity and imagination, which allows him to externalize his own interiority. This approach led him to study, experiment and develop particular and specific materials and techniques such as, for example, the Mangia Technique, of which he is the inventor, innovative and complex aimed at obtaining a pictorial and plastic rendering together, acutely illusionistic, of the details. A syncretic technique that Mangia used to create some big works, including "Genesis", "Emotions", "Sublime thoughts", "In Eden in the East towards the Morning", "Totem II", "Perfumes".